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Every one of us is likely to become a carer or be cared for in our lifetime. Yet as a society we don’t really understand what caring is and what it involves.¬†Care Aware is a national communications initiative that aims to raise awareness, recognition, support and appreciation of the 2.6 million Australians who provide unpaid care and support to family members and friends.

These family and friends provide full or part time unpaid personal care, support and assistance to people of all ages with disabilities, medical conditions, mental illness, frailty due to age and people who have alcohol and drugs issues. Carers can be children, parents, grand parents, uncles, aunts, siblings, friends and neighbours. They come from every ethnicity and every region of the country. 

Carers Martin, Len, Courtney, Sophie and Dianne shared short films that provided an emotional and raw glimpse into the everyday experiences of carers. Launched on the Care Aware website and shared online via social media, facebook and youtube these short films recognised that we are a nation of carers. We just don’t know it.


Martin has had to stop work so that he can care for his wife Maggie and their children.

Len lives in an Aboriginal community outside of Warnambool in Victoria and cares for his daughter Lurpeen.

Courtney and her brother are young carers for their mother. Courtney juggles her caring role with school and part-time work.

Dianne shares her experiences caring for daughter Lauren who has autism.


The Care Aware website also provided support, education, access to health professionals, latest news and events, indigenous and cultural support.

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