Reflections Of Bullying

Everyone in every workplace is at risk of emotional harm from workplace bullying, directly or indirectly. We needed to get Australians to recognize the toxic culture of bullying and change their behavior.

The idea was to get Australians to reflect on their workplace behavior. With such social stigma attached to mental health in the workplace, we took a highly personaslised approach to the issue. Real stories from those who until now had been fearful of speaking out were recorded anonymously and broadcast to the public as they faced themselves in the mirror.

A circle of 64 mirrors was erected at the busiest train station in Australia. 16 synchronized, motorized plinths were each programmed to broadcast real stories of bullying. When people walked into the centre of the mirrors they faced themselves and heard the real stories from workplaces just like theirs. At the end of their experience they were given the opportunity to pledge and change their behavior. The installation will now roll out to high-risk metro regional areas.






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