Return Journey Through Scent

When you live a Life Well Travelled, you collect amazing memories. 
And the most powerful way to evoke a memory is through the sense of smell. So we created a new way for travellers to capture and relive their memories: a fragrance. Parfumsde Voyage is unique fragrance that distills travel memories into liquid. 

Analysing the travel data and social data of 600 000 Australians traveling to Hong Kong gave us the top 10 locations/experiences to which we sent Australian Fragrance Specialist, Samantha Taylor. She then derived a fragrance note from each location and put together created the unique ‘scentscape’ of Hong Kong which was turned into a perfume. 10,000 bottles of 50ml fragrance were created, and distributed to Cathay partners, travel agents and frequent travelers. 

We then asked passengers to create a personalised blend of Parfumsde Voyage, tailored to their individual memories of Hong Kong. We scraped their social media data, and using this data to alter the fragrance blend. 102 unique perfumes all with unique designs were created.

Return Journey Through Scent Case Film

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