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Taking Google’s message offline

Many businesses in the sizeable Australian mid-market still don’t use digital advertising. So how does Google reach decision makers in these companies, many of whom have only advertised through traditional media?

Take the Google message offline. ‘The Web & How to Make it Pop’ introduced mid-market businesses to Google in a way never before seen and it made the online world feel simple, not impossible. To demonstrate the possibilities of digital advertising to people who don’t believe in it, we took the best parts about Google’s advertising solutions, and brought them to life with leading paper engineer Benja Harney.

People fell in love with the magic of the book with 20% of recipients booking an appointment with the Google sales team and 56% of respondents opting in to receive email marketing from Google, allowing them to be nurtured for a future appointment. This response rate has resulted in a 400% Return on Investment for Google.

Patrick Baron Google Pop Cover

Patrick Baron Google Pop Plane

Patrick Baron Google Pop Bike

Patrick Baron Google Pop Magic

Patrick Baron Google Pop Theatre

Patrick Baron Google Pop Letter

CREATIVE DIRECTOR   /   Patrick Baron
ART DIRECTOR   /   Scott Hall
COPYWRITER   /   John Mescall
ACCOUNT DIRECTOR   /   Alec Hussain

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