Digital Puppetry

The Melbourne International Film Festival has always been an emotional and immersive experience. With the festival increasing the number of VR sessions in its program, the brief was to demonstrate the event was more immersive than ever before. In recent years, VR Film Sessions had been included in the festival program. However, audiences were yet to embrace this more immersive film medium.

VR Digital Puppetry was a live brand activation that gave Melbourne International Film Festival audiences a totally unique live VR experience that immersed them inside film characters. So on opening the audience wasn’t invited to watch a film, they were invited to be someone else inside one. 

First, we wrote a film script, only the performances of the character’s faces were filmed – such as a baby, a crazed methodical killer and a promiscuous house wife. These facial performances we’re projected onto custom-built masks using 3D projection mapping. The face mask was attached to virtual reality headsets worn by audience members, who would play the characters in our short film. 

To match the movement of our digital puppets to the action in script, we digitally directed them in real time via a virtual construct of the stage powered by a gaming engine. Each layer of technology further detached them from the real world, sinking them deeper into their on-screen personality.Digital Puppetry engaged the Film Festivals opening night audience – true appreciators of film who live and breathe cinema. And those who would not only participate in a live immersive film performance, but who would also share that experience socially. 


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