Mastercard. Tap For Your Town.

In 2017, nearly 75% of people in New Zealand did not use Contactless technology for their payments. Most were still inserting their card and typing in their pin, even after three years talking speed and convenience in the market. Our challenge was to break this behavior, and give people a reason to tap. Rather than continuing to focus on the rational benefits to Contactless payments, we aimed at New Zealander’s heart with All Blacks legend, Richie McCaw. Giving one local touch team the chance to play the legend himself in their town.

Tracking all Contactless transactions throughout New Zealand, the town with the most taps was selected to host the game. A fully integrated campaign kicked off a tapping frenzy. With more than 400 pieces of town targeted creative, we fueled the fire over the 10 week campaign. Local teams and businesses engaged their towns to tap for the chance to play Richie’s team, making this a grassroots campaign to play one of the greats.

Queenstown ended up on top, earning the right to host and play against Richie on their home turf. Bringing the town together, and even the country via Facebook Live, to see one of the greatest of all time return to the field. Throughout the campaign New Zealand saw a 6% increase in taps across the country. A total of 13 million Contactless transactions occurred during the campaign period. The winning town of Queenstown increased their taps per capita by 47% during the campaign. Overall, the campaign gathered 48.3 million impressions, over 10x the population of New Zealand.

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