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The Melbourne International Film festival is one of Australia’s most culturally diverse film festivals. As a local film festival we really only needed to reach a local audience. So we utilised micro influencers – micro influencers are increasingly viewed by brands as more trusted sources of recommendation for consumers, particularly when it comes to engaging local communities. 

Six ‘Unwritten Reviews’ were created by six diverse artists, including a professional chef, a music producer, a master brewer, a contemporary aboriginal artist and cocktail mixologist. Each were invited to a private MIFF film screening from the 2018 program. They were then tasked with crafting a piece in their individual mediums that’s inspired by their viewing experience.

We then launched the film festival without a single written word.

The process became short films themselves shared online, spread through the influencers channels, the festival website and experienced first-hand in locations around Melbourne during the lead-up to and during the festival. Unwritten reviews impact stemmed from allowing each influencer to express themselves doing what they and their audience love best – their trade craft.


Billy Davis Reviews West Of Sunshine.

We engaged Melbourne Music Producer and Composer, Billy Davis, to create a bespoke track reflecting a film from the 2018 Melbourne International Festival. After a private screening of the film ‘West of Sunshine’ he methodically constructs a composition inspired by the characters, narrative and themes he found within. The result is a haunting orchestral piece that would become the film review – an original track communicating the film experience without using words.

West Of Sunshine Music Track

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