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Patrick consults and freelances on a project-by-project basis for a variety of business’s including specialist marketing, digital and advertising companies. Combining his creative, strategic and brand communications experience in digital, interactive, social, and mainstream media.

How Patrick operates today has changed significantly over the past few years. Patrick believes creative today is about an engaging idea that recognizes and maximises it’s media context. It’s also about recognizing that the consumer is now in charge. Social media for example has not only empowered customers but also brands to break their own news instead of relying on advertising or PR to disseminate their message. As brands become increasingly comfortable with social media, more budget and attention will be focused on high quality content created specifically for the social web. YouTube has opened up a whole channel for sharing and connecting to the biggest word-of-mouth platform in the English language. If you attended ad:Tech in New York back in November you’ll know the two buzzwords there were RTB and DSP. Which means over the next twelve months the industry will see a massive growth in campaigns offering real time interaction and customer solutions.

So could you substitute a television campaign for a celebrities website with an audience and distribution mechanisms already built-in? Or a locally based SMS mobile phone campaign? Smart phones like iPhone and Android handsets are selling like hot cakes. Not only did the likes of FourSquare and Facebook allow you to “Check In” to places, but local coupon based services like Groupon grew at unprecedented levels, so much so they just turned down a $6 Billion acquisition from Google. Savvy retailers can now take advantage of technology and market to an audience in a given geographic region. Yet television is also enjoying an advertising rebound and is growing its share of total advertising spend as Apple Inc’s TV, Google TV and Netflix Inc attempt to deliver TV shows and movies from the Internet to TV sets.


This is the constantly evolving creative and strategic communications landscape Patrick works in today. Patrick has held senior creative, strategic and management positions in some of Australia’s leading marketing, branding, interactive, digital and advertising companies. Patrick’s marketing and branding campaigns have been awarded for their innovation, creativity and effectiveness as well as for copywriting, art direction, conceptual development and creative direction. Patrick has natural organisational, motivational, leadership and presentation skills. With the ability to integrate media, account, and creative teams, to provide strategic and creative leadership through all communication activities combined with an understanding of overarching marketing, business and financial principles.

Patrick has written and developed  Brand Positioning Statements, Communication Platforms and Brand Strategies for businesses as well as facilitating strategic workshops and the conducting of customer research.

Patrick has had extensive experience in the automotive, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, retail, FMCG, financial, building, community and fashion categories. An active supporter and Gold Member of AWARD, Patrick is also an MADC Mentor and presenter at strategic and creative workshops and media events.

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