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Cannes Lion Film Jury
Cannes Lion Film Jury

Our president Tor Myhren, President and Worldwide Chief Creative Officer, Grey predicted with utter certainty six days of darkness in the jury rooms (an under-estimate as judging overruns depending on time spent in debate). These words from Helmut Krone set the tone for the week and provided some unexpected results. Tor said: “Cannes sets the […]

  • Why you should get paid for your data | Jennifer Zhu Scott
    The world's most valuable tech companies profit from the personal data you generate. So why aren't you getting paid for it? In this eye-opening talk, entrepreneur and technologist Jennifer Zhu Scott makes the case for private data ownership -- which would empower you to donate, destroy or sell your data as you see fit -- […]
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  • Bloomberg’s debate video is part stale joke, part misinformation
    The candidate’s digital people used the magic of video editing to let him score at least one point in Wednesday’s debate. It took some pretty serious editing jujitsu to make Mike Bloomberg’s widely-panned performance at the Democratic debate into a video spot that helps the campaign.Read Full Story