Patrick Baron

Creative Solutions

Nimble. When You Need Money Fast.


Directed by NZ filmmaker Taika Waititi, the campaign brings the Nimble Bunny logo to life as a socially unaware character who shows up when you most need. it, but least expect it.

Taking to many selfies. TVC Nimble.
If you need to get somewhere fast. TVC Nimble.

Nimble It and Move On’ was an exciting new direction for the brand. It’s both a call to action and a solution. It’s purpose, to help position Nimble as a simple, fast, and stress-free way to borrow.

Nimble was disrupting the lending industry by making borrowing as simple as a few taps on a device. Nimble provide more than 70% of its loans via mobile so we created a new campaign that takes familiar situations like bill shock and tell us not to freak out, but to just ‘Nimble It and Move On!’