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University Of Melbourne. Where Great Minds Collide.


The contributions that impact are created by bright minds and their imaginations colliding and collaborating.

University Of Melbourne, Where Great Minds Collide Commercial.

Led by a 60-second brand ad, the campaign is designed to inspire the best and brightest minds with a metaphor for when creative ideas meet collaboration and robust research. The spot was filmed on campus and using the University’s own students, teachers, academics and executives, including from the Victorian College of the Arts.

The campaign included social and digital media, cinema, television, print advertising, outdoor and a content partnership with The Guardian. McCann also managed the media strategy for the campaign as part of the agency’s integrated creative and media offering.

Says Lara McKay, executive director, marketing and communications at the University of Melbourne: “The ‘Collision’ campaign is absolutely a celebration of the people at the University of Melbourne. Having almost 100 students, academics, professional staff and members of our alumni community feature in the film demonstrates this idea of collision at work.

“We believe the campaign really is something very different for the category and hope it will connect with people and drive them to learn more about the work of the University of Melbourne.”