Patrick Baron

Creative Solutions

University Of Melbourne. Infinite Futures.


To prove that the University of Melbourne prepares students for every possible future, we used the University’s own research and data to visualise the futures that faced them.

We used the University’s own research and data to visualise the worlds and landscapes that await them. Medical data was merged with biometric research, climate change data with urban design and population growth data with future city modelling.

These beautifully-crafted visualised futures of engaging content could simply and easily transcend communication channels – from TV, to digital and outdoor and social.


Gestation of Infinite Futures 60 second Film.

Social content.

A suite of nine second gif’s populated social media were designed to engage a younger audience – one that wouldn’t normally search out or share the content of an educational institution.


Boutique Tokyo design and motion graphics studio Onesal identified the University’s research data that would shape the future of key industries.


We developed a custom system that spawned new particles as the fluid stretched, keeping the fluid connected. To make the look of the grounds we combined procedural textures with extremely high definition real life textures and use the result as displacement maps. 

The result was a suite of beautifully animated films that presented versions of the future unlike any that have been seen before, and then showed students ways to prepare for them at the University of Melbourne. The films populated online and social media, engaging an audience not normally searching out future industries or even educational institutions.


12M+ Social media impressions.

Combined reach of 4.892 million.

Online film engagement 1.2M+ views. 

Completion rate of 39%.