Patrick Baron

Creative Solutions

Melbourne International Film Festival. The Emotional Trailer.


No matter who you are, or where you are, you don’t just see a film, you feel it.

The Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) is a foreign language art house film festival. Our task was to attract audiences to films in languages they didn’t understand. So using data collected from film critics, the human face as a display, an innovative use of technology, live experiences, we created movie trailers that spoke every language. The Emotional Trailer.

The Emotional Trailer was awarded a Gold Cannes Lion for Creative use of data.

To do this we first held special preview screenings with prominent movie critics to capture the 6 key human emotions of fear, anger, surprise, disgust, sadness and happiness for every film at the festival via our custom mobile app and biometric sensors.

The Emotion Tracker.

This data created an Emotional Script condensing an entire 2 hour film into under one minute.

The Emotion Simulator.

The data was then fed via electric stimulation into the facial muscles of willing participants to act out the emotional arc of an entire film, using the human face as a live display, in a custom-built movie chair we called the Emotion Simulator.

The simulator sessions sold out within two days.

Before each film at the festival, audiences experienced the Emotion Scripts in the Emotion Simulator in. front of live audiences.

All these experiences were filmed, and created further Emotional Trailers and content to promote every film at the festival.

Trailers that the audience in the cinema, watching the live stream, or seeing on social media, could book tickets directly from.

The excitement around the Emotional Simulator and Emotional Trailers drove festival records.


The highest ever ticket sales results in MIFF’s history.

The Emotional Trailers drove an 800% increase in social shares.

Tickets to preview films sold out within two days.

$30,165,012 in earned media.

Number 1 attraction at the festival. 

14 million people reached .

40% Increase in mobile traffic to website.