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Unwritten Reviews. The 2018 Melbourne International Film Festival.


We launched The Melbourne International Film Festival without a single word.

The ‘Unwritten Reviews’ is a fully integrated, experiential and social campaign utilising micro influencers, including a professional chef, a music producer, a master brewer, a contemporary aboriginal artist and cocktail mixologist who were tasked with crafting a piece in their individual mediums that was inspired by their viewing experience of a film at the festival. 

Maree Clarke reviews, Outrage Coda.

Contemporary Indigenous artist, Maree Clarke’s review of Outrage Coda.

Local indigenous artist, Maree Clarke reviewed Japanese yakuza film, Outrage Coda. Expressed through photography, Maree evokes the collateral damage of gang violence, and the families caught in the middle.

Billy Davis reviews, West of Sunshine.

Hear music producer, Billy Davis’s review of West of Sunshine.

Melbourne music producer, Billy Davis reviewed Australia’s, West of Sunshine. Comprised of piano, strings, and saxophone, Billy responds to a film about fatherhood and what a man will do to protect his only son from his own bad choices.

Original music track.

Billy created a bespoke track after a private screening of the film ‘West of Sunshine’. He methodically constructed a composition inspired by the characters, narrative and themes he found within. The result is a haunting orchestral piece that would become the film review – an original track communicating the film experience without using words.

West Of Sunshine Music Track

Supernormal reviews, The Seen And Unseen.

Supernormal head chef, Ben Pollard’s review of The Seen and Unseen.

Supernormal head chef, Ben Pollard reviewed Indonesian drama, Seen and the Unseen. Emerging as elements on a dish, Ben is faced with a film about the supernatural connection of teenage twins as they come to grips with personal loss and grief.

Mornington Peninsula Brewery reviews, John McEnroe, In The Realm Of Perfection.

Kristian Martin from Mornington Peninsula Brewery’s brew review of John McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection.

Mornington Peninsula head brewer, Christian Martin reviewed John McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection. Bottled up in a distinct brew, Christian tackles never before seen footage of a Tennis legend in his prime whose rebellious attitude was dividing a sport, and the world.

Leonie New reviews, Let The Corpses Tan.

Tatooist, Leonie Hall’s review of Let the Corpses Tan.

Local Tatooist, Leonie New reviewed French action-thriller, Let the Corpses Tan. Immortalized through ink on skin, Leonie confronts a film Tarantino would be proud of – gold bricks, bad guys in a small town, cops on their heels, the searing sun, and a whole lot of bloodshed.

During the festival you could explore the city and experience film reviews first-hand in restaurants, bars, theatres, galleries and locations around Melbourne during the lead-up to and during the festival.

The short films we’re shared online, spread through the influencers channels, the festival website.

Unwritten reviews impact stemmed from allowing each influencer to express themselves doing what they and their audience love best – their trade craft. Shared online, spread through the influencers channels, the festival website and experienced first-hand in locations around Melbourne during the lead-up to and during the festival.