Patrick Baron

Creative Solutions

BIC Flex 3. Hipstervention.


Hipsters, beards, they’re everywhere. And that’s a problem when you sell razors.

So how did BIC Flex 3 get these men to shave? By staging hipsterventions and getting friends, to shame friends into becoming themselves again.

Firstly we needed to recruit an army and social lured in all the help we needed. 


Then we pointed them towards the website where we exposed the dreadful truth about hipsters.


Global effects.

Fixie death toll.

Who rides a bike with no gears and no brakes?

Population decay.

Beards are disgusting. The upside: less hipster babies, the downside: extinction as a species.

Global meltdown.

With a pathological avoidance of anything resembling hard work, hipsters are pouring your country’s GDP into a distilled quadruple piccolo latte.

Signs and symptoms.

The signs and symptoms to help diagnose a hipster.

Facial petri dish.

Gross. Beards contain faecal matter.

Gluten free kale.

You’re not Gluten intolerant, stop pretending you are and just sit down and eat your weeds.

Hobo chic.

Paying $750 to dress like a hobo isn’t ironic. Spend your parents money better.

20/20 vision.

Wearing glasses with no prescription lenses doesn’t make you look smart, the irony is you can’t see it.

Hipstervention kit.

Then we offered them a free Hipstervention Kit with all the tools necessary to shave a friend.

Step 1. Bait.

Posters to lure them to a location.

Step 2. Shame.

The signs and symptoms to help diagnose and shame a hipster.

Step 3. Shave.

Shave using a new BIC Flex 3.

And one by one, the hipsters fell. Thousands of beards were shaved. We reached over 3 million people. And in just 11 days, BIC had their highest sales month on record.

But most importantly, we didn’t just shave beards, we shaved lives.