Patrick Baron

Creative Solutions

Tigerair. Infrequent Flyers Club.


Don’t fly much? Join the club.

77% of Australians don’t fly enough to make frequent flyer points worth collecting. So how does a low cost airline reward customers who don’t fly often and when they do, only want the cheapest possible fare?

Tigerair loyalty program.

The Infrequent Flyer Club is essentially a CRM platform that made flying even cheaper, and kept Infrequent Flyers up-to-date with great deals to great destinations. By flipping pretentious, high class Frequent Flyer category conventions we turned a no frills cheap airline into a badge of honour.

Membership cards.

Patrick Baron Frequent Flyer Club Membership Cards

The Infrequent Flyer Club was awarded a D&AD Yellow Pencil for writing in design.

Unlike other programs that force you into bronze, silver and gold, when you join Tigerair Infrequent Flyers you get to choose your own membership level. Mine is Aerobics Leotard Blue.

CRM platform.

Tigerair Infrequent Flyers new loyalty platform became the primary direct sales channel for the airline which members could access tickets directly from.

Membership cards.

Bin Green.

70’s Brown.

Aerobics Leotard Blue.

Wooden Panel.

Bling Bling Ruby.


2nd Place School Sports Ribbon Red.

Turkish Delight.

Triple Emerald Sapphire Ivory.

Deluxe Golden Glow.

Really Dark Black.

Terminal signage.

The Infrequent Flyer Club was an integrated campaign including YouTube and other paid media channels, out-of-home, radio, social media, airport advertising and at-airport and on-plane activation drove traffic to the website.



$2 million in direct sales in three months.

45 million impressions.

Tigerair’s first profitable quarter in five years.

Half a million members.