Patrick Baron

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The YMCA ‘Playnasium’ is workout equipment that uses children’s weight as exercise weights, allowing parents to workout and power their children’s play. Now play time, is gym time.

The Row Row Machine

The Pull Upsy Daisy

The Pec a Boo

Outdoor & Experiential


For over 150 years the YMCA’s purpose has been to make communities healthier and happier by getting people together to get active. That’s why we created an experience for time poor parents that did just that.

The YMCA ‘Playnasium’ is a living manifestation of the YMCA’s philosophy of encouraging health through happiness.

Gold Victorian Design Awards

Each piece of equipment is designed for different age groups and muscle groups, helping adult and child spend quality time together. This was not only an innovative product development for the YMCA, but also branded experiential advertising that says everything they stand for without having to say anything at all.